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What’s the Plan?

Ginger McMurchie

by Ginger McMurchie, ECM Owner and Care Manager

As I sit here and write this I am hearing from clients across the country who are being impacted by a natural disaster. Whether it is a hurricane, fire or flood- one thing is certain- it can happen to anyone. At our staff meeting this week we talked again about disaster plans- for our clients, for our employees, for ourselves. We cannot assume that we will be safe from Mother Nature- so what is your plan?
A simple Google search will take you to dozens of websites that offer planning advice- go there- look and make a plan. Start with a family meeting- discuss what is most likely to happen- then create your plan from there. Some simple suggestions are- how do you communicate with loved ones? What to do in case your cell phones don’t work? Plan for a meeting place for family to gather- have alternate meeting places and routes. Have a disaster kit- remember to have prescriptions, contact information, a list of chronic medical conditions, a supply of batteries, flashlights, water, etc. Remain informed by reliable sources of the nature and progress of the disaster. Sign up with your utility district for alerts. Gather all your important documents now and secure them in a safe place- keep those documents in a container that you can grab and go. Remember to put your pet’s information in that container as well. Take a comprehensive video of your home and belongings- and be sure to talk to your homeowner’s insurance agent on a yearly basis about your coverage to guarantee that you have adequate replacement value for your home and possessions.
Finally, if you are caring for an elderly loved one or a person with disability- make sure that you have a way of providing safety for them. If they are in an assisted living facility- ask about their disaster plan. Every community must have a plan, know what it is.
Get the facts on what you can do to be prepared, you will sleep better at night!

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