Community Education

Elder Care Management values educating the community on topics related to healthy aging.  We regularly offer FREE Educational Workshops at local senior centers, churches, and support groups.  We also collaborate with other area senior care providers to share this information with their clients.  Below is a description of our prepared presentations available for your audience.

Successful Aging: It Takes a Plan

Learn the next steps to take while caring for a loved one or planning for your own future. The talk will focus on important discussions to have with family, getting legal paperwork in order, tips on how to communicate with the medical community, and planning for future care and housing.  Attendees will learn what benefits are paid by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and what is private pay.  Participants will come away with tools to use to make wise and careful decisions for the future.

Caregiving Today: It’s a Balancing Act

Caregivers exemplify compassion and nurturing towards others- yet often forget to take care of themselves. Finding value in your role and understanding your limitations can be critical to your health and success as a caregiver. Statistics say 65% of caregivers have a health event before the person they are caring for, so educating yourself on how to stay healthy is critical. Learn how to create and enhance your support network, find community resources, and most important- learn how to ask for help.

Care Management 101: The Value of Aging Life Care Management

Aging Life Care Management, otherwise known as Geriatric Care Management, is a specialized field that is not well-known or understood by the general public. This presentation is intended to shed some light on what Care Managers do, when they are necessary, and why they are so critical to those that are challenged with caring for their aging loved ones. A summary of the roles and responsibilities of a Care Manager and more insights into when Care Management should be considered will be addressed.

Advance Health Care Directives (AHCD) & POLST: Making Your Wishes Known

In our practice as Care Managers, one of the first questions we ask clients is: Do you have an Advance Health Care Directive? None of us likes to think about circumstances that may render us unable to make medical decisions for ourselves, nor do we necessarily enjoy talking about end of life wishes with our loved ones. Advance planning is the best way to ensure your wishes are honored and alleviates the worry of others about acting on your behalf. The presentation will provide up to date information on options for making your wishes known, including the POLST (Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment) which is becoming the standard in healthcare and community settings.

Compassionate Communication for Aging Families

Conversations with aging family members can be sometimes painful and heart-wrenching. Learn tools and tips for listening and communicating, turning difficult conversations into productive ones. Using conflict management strategies the conversation can be focused on objectives rather than emotions. Examine how family roles and history impact interactions and learn tips on how to find common ground and consensus, focusing on your loved one’s best interest.

Navigating Emergency Room and Hospital Visits

Learn how to be a better advocate for yourself or your loved one during times of crisis. The talk will include tips for better communication with medical staff, the importance of information gathering, and how being a good historian can allow for a more positive and healthy outcome.

Moving On: When Is the Right Time to Move?

There are very few people who enjoy the thought of moving from their home. This talk will focus on the nuts and bolts of contemplating a move and how to make it happen. Timing, touring, care needs and finances will be addressed along with helpful tips to make the move a successful one. Learn how to have productive family conversations regarding a major life transition and hear about creative ways to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Stages of Aging & How to Plan for Success

In this presentation we discuss the many Stages of Aging from mid-life through the end of life. We will examine the different stages and the common challenges faced at each stage, then define what steps in planning are recommended. Additionally, we will discuss resources, timing in which to investigate resources, and how best to communicate choices and wishes throughout the entire aging process including through until the close of life.

Final Chapter: A discussion on Death & Dying

Talking about death is difficult. Whether it is our own end of life or that of someone we care about,  bringing up the topic of death can be uncomfortable. In our role as care managers, we recognize the benefit of increased communication around this topic which will eventually affect everyone.
Join us for a discussion about what influences our beliefs and feelings about death and learn about resources to engage in the conversation and assist in end-of-life planning. The presentation includes a pre-recorded interview with an end-of-life guide who shares her insight on embracing death as part of life.

What My Dogs Taught Me about Aging

As an ardent volunteer and President of the Board of Directors for Homeward Bound: Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Judy Kent has an undeniable love for dogs.  She often finds wisdom and life lessons in her beloved pets and rescue dogs. Join Judy, Elder Care Management Care Manager, as she shares
stories and insights in this light-hearted presentation.

While these prepared presentations address some very important topics, we appreciate that different audiences may have different questions and concerns.  Our Care Managers are happy to create a unique presentation catered to your specific need.  Call us for more information.

Contact Maureen Lawrence, Elder Care Management Outreach Coordinator, to schedule a presentation for your audience., (916) 206-4420

Please visit the Elder Care Management YouTube page to view our previously recorded presentations.