With over a decade of service to hundreds of families, we would like to take a moment to share some of their stories:

About 10 years ago my mother and father’s health started to decline and as all of their children lived at least 2 hours away, we needed someone close by to help us. We sought the services of an independent geriatric care manager, but not all care managers are created equal! Our first care manager (NOT affiliated with ECM) helped us get in-home care, but then was unresponsive when we asked for additional help and advice. Five years ago, when my mom ended up in the hospital and they moved to discharge her dangerously early, we knew we needed some professional expertise. We called Elder Care Management and they responded immediately with invaluable advice on how to proceed with the hospital, even though they weren’t getting paid for the advice. When mom was released to a skilled nursing facility we officially brought them on board to be something like our “professional family” nearby. Their services were night and day from our previous care manager. They accompanied both of my parents on their appointments, even though dad was hesitant to accept help, at first. He was won over quickly as he saw that ECM were sincerely caring and such strong advocates for my mother. When the pandemic hit, they made sure my mother was getting to her 3x a week appointments and they dropped in to visit my dad and bring him food. My parents adored all of the ECM staff, but most especially Piper and Carole. Both of my parents have since passed away, but I know they had a better quality of life because of ECM. I can’t thank the staff enough for being there for our family and my parents, literally in the very last moments of their lives. In a strange way, I miss my regular calls with the ECM team. They became an extension of our family. Don’t hesitate to call them!

M. M.- a Five Star Yelp Review (October 16, 2022)

I can’t say enough positive things about Elder Care Management.  I was referred to ECM when my mom was showing signs of Dementia.  We needed someone to help with getting mom to appointments but mostly, she needed some more social interaction.  Gail Arno was my first point of contact and she was great.  After Gail got to know my mom she suggested that Piper Jackson would be a good fit.  That was a fabulous recommendation.  Piper is not only sweet and compassionate but she truly loves my mom.  She’s been visiting my mom, taking her out for appointments, going out for coffees/snacks/drives, but mostly, just being a friend to my mom and me.  Piper updates me on doctors’ appointments and on my mom’s general health.  The peace of mind that provides is invaluable.  When mom needed more help, due to her progressing Alzheimers,  Piper suggested a smaller facility that specializes in the disease and was instrumental in helping us make the move from a large assisted living facility to the smaller place.  I live in NY and mom is in Granite Bay, CA so having someone close to her is very important.
If you’re looking for help with a parent/relative – at home or in a residential facility, I would highly recommend calling Elder Care Management.

Kelly H. – a Five Star Yelp Review (September 9, 2022)

If there was a 10 star rating, I would give Elder Care Management all 10! As a senior safety specialist, I often say that “aging is a team sport” because going it alone is not recommended, whether for yourself or a family member. I can’t emphasize enough how valuable it is to have Elder Care Management on your team to bring trusted resources and information to you, in many ways the way a general manager would oversee a project. If you are a family caregiver, stress can do you in if you try to do it all yourself. If you are a senior and trying to go it alone, it’s like being on the highway without a roadmap. The Care Managers at ECM bring a wealth of knowledge, understanding, compassion, and professionalism to every situation. They are great listeners and collaborators that you want to have by your side on the road of aging. I know that my clients who are served by ECM, are so grateful to have their guidance. In our senior care and services industry, this team is viewed with the utmost respect and admiration. That includes me!

Dot- Senior Care Specialist (January 18, 2022)

It’s funny how I started researching about home care and somehow through some miracle it lead me here…
I was able to speak to Gail yesterday, and she was able to help with some referrals for home care agencies.
She is so energetic, and I felt so comfortable speaking with her.
I know later down the road, if needed I will be calling her back for assistance.
It’s unfortunate that the services they offer, I ended up learning as I started this journey… but she did give me insight for future decisions,  I will be making.
Thank you Gail for speaking with me and helping me.

Amy OO 2.- a Five Star Yelp Review (December 7, 2021)

I called Elder Care Management and caught Gail as she was on her way to a client.  She gave me a great overview of their services with the limited time she had to talk.  Gail called back the next day and provided great advice and reassured me that we had made a good choice in nursing care for my mother.  I appreciate that Gail took the time to talk even though we would not be using her services at this time.  You can tell she cares about people/clients and her job.  She will be the first person I call when/if my mother needs more help or our family needs guidance.

Jenn M. – a Five Star Yelp Review (April 2, 2021)

I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for the relentless kindness and love you offered to my father during his stay in assisted living. You were devoted to advocating for what he needed and deserved, and without question, you always had his best interests in mind. You took the time and patience to get to know him and he quickly recognized that and trusted you.  He looked forward to your visits and he often talked about you with affection. You were great about updating my sister and me on what transpired during your visits, as well as any information that his doctors relayed to you. But what touched me the most was when you were there for him when he was in the hospital.  You refused to leave until either my sister or I could be there.  You recognized his fear of being by himself, and you knew he trusted you like his own daughters and wanted you there.  For that, and for all that you did for him, I will always be indebted to you. I applaud you for the care and respect you offer to people in need, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you gave to my dad and my family. I hope we will always stay in touch.

-Cynthia C. (February 2020)

Our family would like you to know how much we have appreciated your help over the past several months.

You and the team at Elder Care Management have been a godsend. Without you we would never have found the awesome home we have placed our aunt in.  You and your team confirmed what we already knew, that our aunt needed to be in a safer environment and not living at home alone.  You took the time to meet with our mom to help explain why our aunt needed to be placed as soon as possible.  We were given several suggestions which made it so much easier for us to choose. The continued attention since she has been placed has been so helpful. Your knowledge and caring attitude helped our family make the transition very easily.

We thank you and your team for being with us every step of the way while we were looking for a home for our aunt.  You opened up our eyes to every situation possible that we knew about and what we didn’t know about.  You have treated her beautifully from the very beginning to the present time.  You were always available to us and that is very much appreciated.  We would have been lost without your help and assistance.

Thank you so much Elder Care Management!

-Catherine G., Cathy W., Julie J. (February 2020)

In 2014, I received a call that my 90-year-old mother had been taken to the hospital, dehydrated and extremely underweight. Rarely ill, she had undergone a rare bout of depression.
What could I do? I live 750 miles away. I knew she’d never agree to abandon her condo — her home for 40 years – and move here. The reverse was just as remote. That night, I barely slept. I got up at 2 a.m. and started searching for help.
I discovered Sacramento County offered services for seniors. A few hours later, just when county offices opened, I called. For various reasons, Mom did not qualify. I pleaded my case. The woman on the other end recognized my desperation. She told me I should check a private company that she had heard good things about, Elder Care Management.
I had been told me it was not safe for Mom to stay in the condo, that she should move to an assisted-living facility. But once we figured out a few things, including the hiring of Elder Care, the county and her doctor conceded she could stay at home.
For more than six years, Elder Care became our eyes, ears and services provider, taking care of doctors’ visits, shopping and a myriad of other chores we simply couldn’t do living so far away.
Elder Care’s oversight far exceeds a standard caregiver’s. The cost is greater, too, but without Elder Care’s presence, I doubt my Mom would have enjoyed six more years of what was a great life.

Greg H. (February 2020)

I have been working with Piper for perhaps a year, now.  I am so happy to see her once a month for our visits with my parents.  She has all their medical records and directives in electronic files.  This is invaluable to me because it gives me some freedom to take a day or weekend trip, and in the event an emergency happens to my parents, she is my advocate at the hospital until I can get home.  Piper is also extremely knowledgeable about local services, placements, hospices, Medicare and how to navigate the loose ends of the elder care options/services.  I know Piper keeps a quiet eye on me, too, making sure I’m getting my rest and taking time for myself.  Oh, and my Sheltie loves her, too – that always seals the deal!  Thank you, Piper!

-Pam C. (February 2020)

They helped tremendously as we tried to manage care from several states away. They were extremely caring and conscientious. We especially appreciate how strongly they supported our family decisions in medical situations and the very special, personal touch at the end.

Jane H. (February 2020)

Elder Care Management of Northern California was a lifeline for our family.  My initial contact with the company was through a phone call with Ginger.  She could not have been more patient and caring as she listened to me express weeks of pent up worry, frustration, and fear over efforts to care for my sister in law after her cancer diagnosis.  Ginger was caring and empathetic but also took charge to help prepare me for the issues I would likely be facing in the near future.  Ginger created an action plan for our family which allowed me to focus my energy on caring for my sister in law and her husband.  One of Ginger’s initial recommendations was to bring her colleague Piper on to our case.  Piper became our main contact person, friend, and Angel in disguise.  Ginger and Piper had the professional expertise and experience to project what we were going to be facing and connected us with the resources we needed to get us through those difficult times.  Both Ginger and Piper cared for all of us like family.  They were truly an invaluable resource.  I would highly recommend this company!!

Deb K. (July 2019)

I cannot recommend highly enough the folks at Elder Care Management (ECM).  I call them my angels, as they shared with my mother and I incredible support, kindness and grace during a time when we needed it most.  In the difficult years before my mother died, their team consistently and reliability provided the concrete help critical to enabling my mom to live a life of increased safety and well-being.  In addition to supporting her around daily life challenges, including medication management, social support, transportation services, etc, they showed up in moments of crisis to provide the crucial case management and advocacy services desperately needed in these moments. They expertly navigated the byzantine and soul-crushing worlds of insurance policies, hospitals, assisted living companies, funeral preparations. But perhaps more than their practical knowledge and logistical support, I was most moved by the compassion I was shown by every member of their team.  Walking with a loved one through the process of aging and dying is the toughest stuff life has for us.  I offer the deepest bows of gratitude to the ECM team who made sure that my mother and I did not walk this path alone.

-Heidi S. (June 2019)

As I write this, I am still grieving the passing of my dear Aunt Weezy.  She suffered a massive stroke about six years ago which left her brain damaged and bedbound.  She never married and had no children.  She filled the gap when my mother passed, and I loved her like a mother.  Unfortunately, I lived on the other side of the country which made it difficult for me to be in California as much as I would have liked, and I had a lot of anxiety about her being cared for properly.  Since there was no one in California who could step in and advocate for my aunt, our attorney referred me to Elder Care Management of Northern California.   Initially, I was cautious.  Quite frankly, I was fearful that their main agenda would be to squeeze as much money out of me as possible.  That couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I have no doubt in my mind that they are filling a calling from Above.  Felicia Juntenen was my aunt’s case manager for almost six years.  During that time, she became so much more than just a case manager.  Although I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to coordinate and keep lines of communication open, from the CNAs all the way up to the head nurse and doctors who cared for my aunt, my heart was so much more impressed and genuinely touched by her kindness and compassion toward my aunt.  The small things meant so much to me – coffee, ice cream, donuts she had the staff puree, lining up volunteers to read, recommending art therapy – keeping my aunt engaged in life.  I believe these small gestures greatly enhanced my aunt’s quality of life.  As time passed, I could see a genuine, loving friendship develop.  If you are reading this and considering retaining a case manager for your loved one, you have come to the right place.  They are the best of the best!

-Cari I. (January 2019)

You have been on my mind for a while now as we cross the threshold of a year ago moving my mom this weekend. I have not been prepare for all the emotions I am feeling remembering what an adventure (huge undertaking) this has all been, especially all we did to make things happen so quickly after my mom’s fall on Mother’s Day. You were instrumental in all of this and I can’t thank you enough for all your care, guidance and support.

Mom is doing well, especially this last month or so. She is fighting with me less and seems to be accepting her new life. She is safe, eating well and social.

I could not let this weekend go by without acknowledging you and the special gift you have been to our family, and especially me and my mom.

Brigid F. (May 2018)

Living hundreds of miles away while being responsible for my elderly father’s care would not have been possible without the love and helpful hands and feet of Elder Care Management. Ginger and Gail were there for me and my father 24/7. Their knowledge of the best care facilities and support services, as well as elder care laws and requirements, was invaluable!

– Janet H.

I have worked with Elder Care Management for 4 years. They are incredibly thoughtful, helpful, dependable, understanding, and professional. They have my Grandmother’s best interests at heart and are always there for her and our family. They have gone above and beyond any expectations I had. I live on the east coast and I know I can always depend on them to be there for my Grandmother. My Grandmother is happy and living the best life possible due to Elder Care Management. I don’t know where we would be without them.

– Cheryl C.

From the very first moment I spoke to Ginger and Gail by phone, I knew I finally had the solution I had so desperately been searching for to help my dad. My young family had recently relocated to Texas at the same time we were seeing an incredible decline in my dad. Finally, we received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Finding Elder Care Management was the best thing I did for my family during this time! What they do is well beyond a job. Beyond a job description. These women gave my dad the support and personal care he needed in my absence as I would had I been there. They even helped me with the right words to use with him to reassure him and comfort him, while in turn, helping me. They were available all hours of the day for emergencies, extra support, and recommendations to improve his care, as this type of disease doesn’t follow a script. I can honestly say I could not have navigated this incredibly difficult time in his (our) life without their support. They made what felt like the impossible, possible. They have a supporter and a “raving fan” in me forever! Thank you to Elder Care Management of Northern California for all you do!

– Jennifer M.

My family can without reservation recommend Gail and Ginger and the services they provide through Elder Care Management.

The last few months of my dad’s life proved to be overwhelmingly challenging, with multiple hospitalizations, in-home care needs, and finally hospice. Along with these came hospitalizations for my mom, the sale of their home, and difficulties dealing with financial institutions once my dad was incapacitated.

Elder Care Management responded at a moment’s notice to late night emergency room visits, questions about all sorts of care needs, and were there when we needed them most on the day of my dad’s passing.

Every one of their referrals and recommendations has proven to be excellent, and saved us so much time and stress. We consider them part of the family now!

– Cara W.

Without the help of Elder Care Management there is no way we could have gracefully navigated our way through the last couple of years. We thought we were prepared for the journey we were on, but in truth, we really had no idea of the many obstacles we were going to face. Every time we thought we were at the end of the rope, they had a well thought out solution to our unique problems. There is a certain peace that comes with knowing that every move we made was the best one at each stage. Their knowledge and resources were invaluable! With their help and guidance, we knew, instead of hoped, that every decision we made was appropriate at each stage. My Mother was treated with respect and love, which she so deserved; it felt as though she was getting the same care and attention you would have given your own mother. My Mother and I are so fortunate to have been the beneficiaries of their compassionate professional service.

– Jim & Barb H.