Welcome Wisdom

Welcome Fall

Nancy McMurchie

by Nancy McMurchie, ECM Accounting and Graphic Design

The first week of October is National Mental Illness Awareness Month.  Many individuals in our community battle with mental health issues and often go undiagnosed until the last years of their lives.  Taking the time to nurture and take care of oneself is an important aspect of mental wellness.  Our Welcome Wisdom this month comes from Nancy McMurchie, our head of Accounting and Graphic Design.  Nancy has been the lead in the Accounting Department of Elder Care Management since 2011.  Her lifelong love of math and her meticulous attention to detail have made her an ideal fit for the ECM team. Nancy brings her compassion and wisdom to the group, having cared for her mother-in-law and her recently deceased father during the late stages of their lives.

It’s October. My favorite month to reflect on the days of summer that warm my heart. Days on a sunny beach, a gentle wind rustling through the palm trees, sand slipping between my toes. Long hikes in the Sierra, looking up at the majestic granite cliffs that guard our journey. The water rushing down, madly dancing through the river, on it’s course that will not be deterred. Days listening to the roar of the lawn mower cutting the grass with the sweet scent of the freshly cut greens. An invitation to turn on the radio and listen to the Giants baseball game. Crack of the bat and “You can tell it’s goodbye!”.

But, now it’s October. Time to slow down and enjoy the gentle entry of Fall. The leaves are starting their glorious transition, beginning to show their Tuscan red hues. The outdoor critters are slowing down too, starting to reserve energy for the winter ahead. Time to take an unhurried stroll.

October also shows the best colors of baseball. Whether your team has made it to the show or not, it’s time for the playoffs and the excitement of the World Series. The players are in prime form, executing plays in perfect sync.

Now is the time to make plans for the holidays-is it your year to give up your apron? Is another family member offering to cook the turkey? Think about ways to reduce your stress and practice self-care. Reducing stress also gives the ones you love the support they need…

It’s October. Give yourself the gift of seeking out the colors of fall.

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