Welcome Wisdom

In times like these…we can be the helpers

by Gail Arno, CMC – ECM Director of Care Management

During these challenging and ever-changing times, we want you to know that Elder Care Management continues to serve our clients, support our team, and to take on new responsibilities daily.

Our dedicated staff members are continuing to provide care to our clients in their own homes, and for those in communities, we are following the guidelines of each facility as they follow the mandates set forth by the powers that be in our industry.  When we are deemed to be “essential personnel” for our clients we are present and eager to assist.  For those who have less urgent needs, we are staying in touch via phone, snail mail (email too, if applicable) and are providing support from a proper distance. We are following the recommendations of local, state, and federal officials as related to hygiene, disinfection, and infection control to do our part in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

While the issues we all face with this pandemic are at times worrisome and concerning we want to report some true joys and successes we have experienced with our clients;

  • Delivering meals prepared by a gourmet caterer to our homebound clients, cooked with mad skills and deliciously prepared, all our clients need to do is warm them in the microwave.  The reviews have been terrific and the smiles (and re-orders) let us know they hit the mark.
  • A couple of 51 years, separated at different facilities due to differing needs, getting to catch up via FaceTime and sharing some private and tender moments.  Each being reassured that the other is doing well and that sometime in the near future they will be able to see one another in person.
  • The resurgence of snail mail: the joy of sending cards and encouraging notes to our clients in facilities makes going to the mailbox a bit more exciting than in the past when only bills and junk mail awaited them.
  • The opportunity to deliver a birthday package to a client’s facility which included balloons, stuffed animals, a musical card singing “Happy Birthday”, flowers and then being able to watch the client receive it from outside the building window. Seeing the joy in her smile and the tears in her eyes knowing this birthday, while unusual in comparison to those of past, didn’t go uncelebrated and was acknowledged in the best way possible given today’s challenges.
  • Being able to communicate with distant family members the status of their loved ones as we check in on them, both in-person and from a lesser distance than the family member is experiencing.

We feel blessed to be the conduit for our clients and their loved ones and for being able to reassure everyone that everything possible is being done to support them at this time.

We are committed to partnering with our clients, their families, and our professional colleagues to care for those in need.  We will continue to stay in touch with you to provide any information we have that you will find potentially helpful and easing during this time.  Please know we are here, we are busy and in full swing as best we can be working to support our clients and your loved ones.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients and those most vulnerable in our community.

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