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Ginger McMurchie

Ginger McMurchie, ECM Owner and Care Manager

Hopefully you have already had a chance to acquaint yourself with Elder Care Management’s owner, Ginger McMurchie.  After almost 20 years of experience in the Sacramento area senior care industry, she is easy to recognize.  Her experience in independent living, assisted living, home care and placement all contribute to her knowledge of the needs and challenges faced by seniors.  Her guidance and compassion is inspirational and cherished by all who get to work with and for her.

You have heard it before – be optimistic!

Stay positive!

Well now it seems like science is supporting those thoughts. Researchers are continuing to find that our brain influences how our body reacts. Keeping a positive attitude can not only help with depression but can impact our immune systems, resulting in lower blood pressure and lower blood sugars. Positive emotions help increase physical activity, lessen stress and increase longevity.

According to a study done by Northwestern University, patients with chronic illness who practiced skills to develop positive emotions improved their symptoms. Skills included:

  • Recognizing a positive event each day.
  • Starting a daily gratitude journal.
  • Recognizing and practicing small acts of kindness daily.

Another study at the Yale School of Public Health tracked people over the age of 50 and demonstrated that a positive view of aging had a beneficial influence on health and longevity. Participants who enhanced their perceptions of their own abilities decreased stress levels and lowered inflammation.

How do we translate this to our day-to-day working lives?  When we stop and take a moment to appreciate our life, our family, our co-workers, our clients, our home and our planet, we are giving ourselves a gift of gratitude. The ability to be present in the moment, to appreciate the life we have, may just help our heart and our brain.

So, start your day with a smile, share it with your family.

Remember that our time here is short – so count your blessings!

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