Welcome Wisdom

Coming out of the fog yet still respecting the caution of our times

by Gail Arno, CMC – ECM Director of Care Management

Human beings, young and old are social creatures. Our connections to and with others enable us to survive and to thrive. During this unusual time, we are all faced with social isolation and unintended loneliness. As a result, we are potentially at a higher risk for physical and mental challenges we haven’t faced before in our lifetime. We are not all in the same boat but we are all having an experience that is similar to each of us. In these times to be successful we must adapt, pivot, or reshape our minds and our approach. We must also acknowledge that now more than ever, we must find ways to come together to unite, support, and uplift our communities. We are stronger together, not divided.

Elder Care Management continues to service and provide support to our clients during this unique and challenging time, it is our greatest honor. We are trying to support and focus our efforts on social isolation (which is that objective physical separation we have all had to recently enforce) and the loneliness that our clients are facing. In lieu of being able to spend one on one time together, we instead are reminding everyone to turn to new elements of engagement such as;

  • FaceTime calls
  • Candoo
  • Grandparents
  • Skype
  • Snail Mail
  • Streamed concerts, performances, and lectures
  • Zoom video calls
  • Old fashioned phone calls (yes, ear to ear and often filled with joyful moments)
  • Tackle a new project or hobby
  • Learn something new each day
  • Attend a virtual exercise class

While we know none of these will ever replace the joy and fulfillment of an in-person visit yet they are, for now, as close as we can get to companionship and engagement with one another. These ideas challenge us to step outside our comfort zones and work just a little harder to bring joy and connection to one another that we all benefit from in our lives.

We hope that down the road (and oh so soon) we will all be able to gather together and enjoy one another’s company again all the while showing the concern and caution that we have had to incorporate into our new normal and regular daily lives. Our clients and your loved ones are the more vulnerable cohort at this time and we need to proceed with caution and wisdom as we re-enter the world of human connection. Just as a reminder, please know that we will continue to carry out and follow the recommendations of the experts at the CDC as well as the local and state-wide agencies of limit and contain the spread of this virus;

  • Continue to social distance
  • Use diligent infection prevention and hand hygiene
  • Screen yourself and others for symptoms of Covid-19
  • Limit congregate gatherings
  • Use all proper protective equipment

ECM is delighted and honored to support our clients both professionally and personally and we look forward to the days to come when we can all gather and again enjoy one another’s company. In the meantime stay connected with one another, stay healthy, and be well knowing that change is in the wings and the fog is lifting.

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