Welcome Wisdom

Welcome to 2021!!  Thank goodness it finally arrived!

by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management

Welcome to our brand New Year, bringing us the opportunity to reset and try again for what we all hope will be a good year.  We have much to focus on with the distribution of the COVID vaccination and the goal of getting back to what we know to be our functioning norms in all aspects of our lives.  A huge mountain to climb, but as a whole we made it through 2020 so we can now march forward with our best efforts to make 2021 a much improved year.  We encourage others to continue to follow the science, adhere to the recommendations of the CDC, and to celebrate even the smallest of victories.  If we all work toward a similar goal; the best health and welfare of our community in 2021 will bring us great outcomes.

Elder Care Management looks forward to the new year and the start of what will be our 12th year of service in the business of guiding others towards aging well.  We too will follow the science in our efforts for our clients’ well-being.  Equally as important in our role as Care Managers is to make sure that our client’s emotional well-being is a top priority.  We strive to hear our clients (or their legal representatives) and to work with the medical and personal support systems that serve them to make sure their needs are met and their voices are heard.  We map out care plans for each and every client adjusting along the way as their own aging process takes twists and turns. We collaborate as a team using decades of experience and acquired knowledge to service our clients at home, in facilities, and at the end of life. It is an honor to provide these services and we thank you for giving us this privilege.

Welcome the New Year, 2021 has great potential!  Let’s work together toward a better and healthier year for all.  Stay positive and support one another along the way.  Hopefully, we will all see the light at the end of the tunnel that we have been so eager to find. Happy New Year from all of us at Elder Care Management!

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