Memory Care

There are few things in life that test a person’s – and their families’ – patience and fortitude more than dealing with the challenges that come from living with memory loss. From losing cherished memories, to a family member struggling with unpredictable behaviors, helping families find the tools and resources they need requires a specific expertise.

At Elder Care Management, our extensive experience in dealing with the unique challenges of memory loss have helped us develop creative solutions for our clients. First, we’ll do a thorough assessment and evaluation of the person’s health and social history. Memory loss can be caused by a wide variety of issues, some of which are temporary and treatable and others that are not. We help families ask the right questions and point them towards alternatives that might not have otherwise been considered.

With a comprehensive, wholistic look at a person’s medical history and social environment, the staff at Elder Care Management can craft a team approach to solving complex problems. For those who have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, our process begins with getting to know their life history, including past achievements, special hobbies and interests, and what they are passionate about. We seek to discover where our clients find their joy. By becoming intimately familiar with our clients’ interests and desires, we are able to match them to the activities, care, living situations, and people who can help them manage symptoms; find outlets for them to stay connected; and arrange programs that allow them to remain fully engaged with life.

We are also able to offer meaningful support to families – from providing an outlet for expressing frustrations, emotions and feelings to advocating for their loved one at medical appointments and helping ensure they are getting the treatment needed to help their specific situation. We can connect families to support groups, home care professionals that are specially trained to work with those living with dementia, and community groups that provide a safe place for people living with memory loss to socialize.

Our team of professionals are experts in the field of memory loss and dementia and know the people and organizations locally that can help those affected to continue leading lives with dignity and joy.