Care Management

If you are caring for a spouse or aging parent, you know it is anything but a routine part of daily life. Many are caring for someone with dementia or other chronic illnesses and others live hundreds of miles away from an aging parent. The day-to-day life of families who care for loved ones is complicated and fraught with pitfalls that challenge even the most competent of souls.

Families have children to care for and decisions to make in the care of their loved ones. The path to figuring out solutions is difficult because there are either too many resources to sort through or there is a lack of information regarding options. Spouses and adult children are overwhelmed, tired, and dealing with the grief process of watching their loved ones struggling. It is not an easy endeavor, by any means.

Elder Care Management (ECM) provides guidance and support for care providers struggling to get through the day by guiding them through a maze of complicated decisions. Care Managers review a client’s needs, provide resources that support them in their home or community, and empower families with the tools they need to help them on their journey. The staff at ECM has worked in the community for decades providing hundreds of families with education and creative problem-solving.

What we do for you:

  • Have a phone consultation
  • Create an individual plan of action
  • Evaluate safety
  • Attend physician’s appointments
  • Act as a family intermediary to reach a mutual consensus
  • Visit and oversee clients at their home or community
  • Intervene to solve crises
  • Advocate regarding care at hospitals or emergency rooms
  • Assist with transition and making a move to assisted living and memory care setting
  • Relieve your stress and the burden you feel
  • Free your time to spend with your loved one doing things you enjoy