Welcome Wisdom

The End and the Beginning

Ginger McMurchie

by Ginger McMurchie, ECM owner and Care Manager

They say that when one life goes out another one steps in. I have been very aware of that this past month with the passing of my 97-year-old mother and the birth of our granddaughter, Abigail. Life seems to continue on as though nothing new has happened, but for many, life is just ending or beginning. Our family was blessed in so many ways- good doctors, nurses, hospitals and health insurance. We got to drive our daughter and son in law home, with Abigail snuggled into her car seat. A warm meal was waiting and we toasted our beautiful new family member. My mother was treated with kindness and compassion and had family and friends surround her, her passing was peaceful. We are starkly aware of our blessings and are grateful for all that we have.
But for many in our country, a home and good quality health care is not an option. We have an escalating crisis of people without shelter, food or access to basic services. Joshua’s House in Sacramento is a hospice house for terminally ill people experiencing homelessness. Anywhere from one to three people die every week on the street, many from chronic diseases like cancer. Joshua’s House, working in conjunction with the four major health organizations in Sacramento, will open a 20 bed hospice in 2019, serving those individuals who have a terminal diagnosis and no other place to go.
This holiday season, Elder Care Management will be making a donation to Joshua’s House. We feel strongly that everyone deserves dignified and compassionate care on their entry to and exit from this life. We encourage everyone to reach out to organizations that speak to them this season and donate to their cause. We can create new beginnings in 2019!

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