Welcome Wisdom

Happy 2019

by Ginger McMurchie, ECM Owner and Care Manager

January is upon us and the days are already getting longer. Many of us will make a vow to go on a diet, to get more exercise, to take more personal time, to get our brains more active and to practice better self-care.
As we age, many of us gain a sense of calm that eluded us in our early years. Our bodies might not be as fit, but our minds have gained wisdom that more than compensates for our inability to run a marathon. Below you will find a link to a New York Times article, Am I ‘Old’, that tries to articulate the definition of age and how fluid it is. Are we the ones who live and act like we are in our 20’s, or does life play us a different hand and are our bodies and minds not what they once were?
With new year’s resolutions, January will see the largest uptick in gym memberships, yoga classes and families finally picking up the phone to get help for their loved ones. Our phones have been busy this past month fielding calls for help, yet many just wanted to get through the holidays before making any attempts at change. With the holidays now behind us, here are a few care management fitness tips for 2019:

*Have a toolkit. Seek out trusted resources, introduce yourself to their services and keep their phone numbers handy. Make sure that you have done your vetting of resources long before you need them, so you are not seeking help during a time of crisis and have no one to turn to.
*Find a local support group and attend to see if it is a good fit for you. There are support groups sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association, the Parkinson’s Association, the American Cancer AssociationDel Oro Caregiver Resource Center, and many more.
*On the practical side, with the overwhelming destruction of this past year’s wildfires, make a commitment to gather all your important documents and valuables in a safe place- whether it is cloud-based or in some other secure location. So many people lost everything and had no back up in place.
*Attend a class! There are so many wonderful presentations and educational classes being given by knowledgeable organizations- sign up and attend. Watch for newsletters from ECM about upcoming events and opportunities or get information about our upcoming presentations on our website.
*Finally, if you need help, ask for it and allow room for others to step in and assist you. Those first calls can be difficult but finding support will pay off in the end.

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