Welcome Wisdom

We are thankful, filled with gratitude, and offering our heartfelt appreciation

by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management

We find ourselves barreling toward the holiday season of 2021 and will soon be contemplating the close of yet another year. This has been a year of continuing challenges and many joys as well, one just needs to spend some time in reflection to sort through the year in review. The team at ECM wants to take a moment and reflect on the efforts of this year and we want to thank the many who allow us to do our job of Care Management.  

We want to say thank you to the clients who invite us into their homes and their lives and teach us each so much. We learn from you about humanity, humility, patience, trust, faith, happiness, sadness, humor and in general, all the stuff life is made of. We are honored to walk alongside you in your aging journey. Each of you is unique and very special to us, you make our lives richer and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.  

We want to say thank you to the families who entrust us to advocate and care for their loved ones. We appreciate the trust you put in our partnership with you and your loved ones as you navigate the aging process. Clearly, each of you has your loved ones’ best interest at heart. You make a difference in their lives, and by including our supportive services to them, you have shown the love and concern you carry in making their lives the best they can be.  

We want to say thank you to our Care Partners who work side by side with us in bringing the utmost of services, support, and sincerity to our clients. You provide a cadre of support and expertise that closes any gaps in the aging journey of our clients’ lives, allowing them to thrive and enjoy their days, weeks, months, and years in ways that bring joy and peace to all of us involved. We couldn’t do it without you and for that, we give huge thanks.  

Lastly, I would like to thank the team I work with at ECM. A team of caring, thoughtful, compassionate, brilliant, committed and devoted Care Managers. We each bring our own style and expertise to our clients day in and day out. The collaboration amongst our team members to the benefit of our clients is excellence in action. We are better together! It is a pleasure for ECM to provide our services, I am honored daily to be a part of that effort and furthermore, I am in awe of this team and the opportunity I have been given to be a part of the growing industry of Care Management. Here’s to 2022, may it continue to bring us all the chance to give thanks for the lives and opportunities we are given.  

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