Welcome Wisdom

Taking a fresh approach to a tried & true favorite

by Gail Arno, CMC, ECM Director of Care Management

Summertime has come and along with it the memory of times filled with an essence of fun, family, outings, and gatherings. Yet in this time of pandemic and the challenges we face with the seriousness of COVID-19 we tend to think more about quarantine, social distancing, and worry. What we really need to do is to begin to re-imagine what CAN BE rather than focusing on what could have been. This summer, we all have an opportunity to re-think, re-group, and re-brand!

In the past, it has been imperative for us to learn to adjust. Medieval cities were at times too congested and very poorly designed for the changing volume of a growing population, ultimately sweeping changes came with widened and re-designed streets and engineered sewer systems. The Great Fire of London taught the architects to re-design and thus compose buildings made only of brick or stone so going forward less devastation would occur.

And so here comes our summer, the time traditionally for gatherings with family and friends, time for memory making and reminiscing, time to connect with our loved ones. This summer gives us all the opportunity to re-brand what we know to be a typical summer into a time that connects us with others via unique and innovative thinking. Gather if you will in small groups for shorter periods of time, engage with others through technology, reach out via the airwaves in whatever form is most comfortable for your pack, wear your face masks, protect others, and yourselves but creatively connecting with one another should be our ultimate goal.

So, it is for us today that we must learn to adjust. We must overcome our fears and anxiety and focus on new ways to do old efforts. Times of great uncertainty and risk can bring great innovation. We must broaden our imagination and create opportunities to engage one another, all the while respecting the seriousness that this pandemic has shown us. Be the change you want to see and let it begin with each of us. Elder Care Management wishes you all a summer season of good health, creative thinking, and heartfelt connection with others.