Welcome Wisdom

New Year

Ginger McMurchie

by Ginger McMurchie, ECM Care Manager & Founder

In this new year, we reflect on the central principle of our work- being patient, wise, and learning to listen to our client’s hearts.  We strive to treat others with dignity, compassion, and a gentle hand, guiding them on a path they might not have otherwise taken.

In this new year, as we think about all that we have accomplished, we realize there is still so much to learn. Our collaboration with our colleagues will bring individuals, young and old, together to witness the “Alive Inside” phenomenon on January 24th. We will attend the Coalition for Compassionate Care conference to gain more knowledge about pain and end of life issues. We will participate in professional conferences bringing the brightest minds together to discuss aging issues that impact our clients on a daily basis and we look forward to bringing what we learn back to our community.

As care managers, we understand that we are unique in our work and that we have our own style and grace that we bring to the table. We refer to colleagues who have a similar passion-to work with heart and that try to make a difference in our small part of the world.

We wish you, your families, and staff, a year of discovery and of learning to find the joy in our everyday life. May we take these lessons and help transform the lives of those we serve.

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