Welcome Wisdom

Family Celebrations

by Jacqueline Ramsay, ECM Care Manager

Summer is here. School is out, graduations, weddings and celebration are in the air.

This is a time to gather the generations-but what does that mean for a loved one who may be ill, isolated or has dementia. With some careful planning, everyone can enjoy the festivities.

When planning for occasions, remember that your loved one might not have the stamina that the rest of the family does. Outings take a lot of consideration-what time of day will the event be held? What is the temperature going to be? Will food be served? How many people will attend? Is it a safe environment for your loved one to be in?

Here are some helpful tips:

Think about clothing-layers can help with heat and air conditioning.

Arrange for appropriate transportation and bring along any assistive devices for ambulation.

If it is hot day-bring plenty of water-which leads to having a bathroom nearby!

If there are dietary issues- plan ahead and bring appropriate food and snacks.

If it is going to be a large boisterous crowd-find a quiet place for your loved one to go to decompress.

Don’t linger-if your loved one has some confusion-make the visit short and positive.

Remember for longer outings to bring any scheduled medications.

Have a backup person who can bring your loved one home if you need to remain at the party.

Finally, if it seems that the day is going to be overwhelming for your loved one-then bring the party to them. Short visits with just a few family members and friends can mean the world. The fact that they came to visit your loved one at their home is just the icing on the cake.

Happy Celebration and welcome summer!