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◂  December 2021

Compassionate Communication between Adult Children & Aging Parents

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Maureen Lawrence, ECM Outreach Coordinator
(916) 206-4420

Join us for Elder Care Management’s monthly presentation series on Successful Aging.  A free educational Zoom presentation on a topic related to aging will be held on the third Thursday every month at 3pm.


Compassionate Communication between Adult Children & Aging Parents

Some of the hardest and most vital conversations we will ever have are with our aging parents when we discuss their wishes regarding their hopes and desires for the future. Do they want to remain at home or live in a retirement or senior care facility? Is a family member in a position to provide in-home care, and to what extent? Are the family’s financial resources sufficient to cover the costs of in-home care or assisted living? Have the parents created their Advance Health Care Directive?

These conversations can be emotionally charged for both the parents and their children but involve topics that should be addressed to smooth decision-making about the future. Clarifying decisions together also helps all family members understand the basis for aging parents’ choices and can reduce conflict when a crisis arises. This presentation will help guide you through these very difficult conversations.


For questions, contact Maureen Lawrence, ECM Outreach Coordinator at or (916) 206-4420.

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