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◂  September 2021

10th Annual "Successfully Serving Your Aging Congregation" Symposium

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Town & Country Lutheran Church or Virtual
4049 Marconi Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821




Senior Care Solutions
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We invite all faith leaders to join us for our 10th Annual Successfully Serving Your Aging Congregation Symposium.

**Due to the Pandemic, we are planning a hybrid event with the option for in-person event (with limited capacity) or virtually via an online platform.**

We know that families who are facing chronic health conditions, dementia, and other aging concerns often turn to their faith community for support. Families are met with varying levels of knowledge and understanding of the complex needs and support services available. Faith leaders are in a critical position to be able to encourage families and to provide guidance and resources throughout their journey. We invite leaders of churches, synagogues, and other faith-based organizations to join us for this important event.

Join us for these educational presentations:


Collective Trauma & Grief with Julie Interrante, MA

Grief is a spiritual, emotional, and relational process and has holy significance. Our discussion will center around the collective experience of trauma and grief within the community. We will explore how to identify grief within the community and ways to process and heal from it. You will leave this session with resources that will help people in your community find balance, imagine new hopes, and collectively create new meaning and life as we go forward from here.


Happy For No Reason: Science to Rewire Your Brain For Happiness with Betsy Smith

Happiness is an inside job, and after over 30 years of science we now have insight into habits that can actually help rewire our brains to be more positive. Happy For No Reason is not smiling all the time, it is having a sense of inner peace and well-being no matter what is going on in the outer world. I will be talking about some of the ways that anyone can find more mental calmness and evenness of temper especially in difficult situations like we have all had during this last year.


Resilience & Hope: How to Thrive Under the Crush of Care with Pastor Jon Haug

As faith leaders, it is easy to feel crushed by the number of people we have to care for. So how can you survive with your spirit and joy intact, and not burn out quickly and become bitter? Building the spiritual muscles of resilience and hope are key to thriving in this challenging field at this most challenging of times.

If you are a community faith leader and would like to attend, Register here.

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